This years trek took place in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This was the first ROXS expedition to take place entirely in Canada. 

The trip started in Calgary Alberta with the legendary 'festivities' and pre trip preparations and then proceeded west into the mountains. We had set a few goals for this years trip, the first one was to drive off road through the Rocky/Bugaboos/Monashee/Selkirk and Cascade mountains. Secondly, we wanted to drive the legendary Whipsaw Trail (named in BF Goodrich's Top Trails List). Last, not to be eaten by Grizzly Bears or Mountain Lions in the process!. 

The boys used the services of BC Ferries inland system to get across the vast inland lakes of BC, by linking numerous trails and opening ones that had been neglected. The climax of the whole trip was spending 3 complete days exploring the Whipsaw Trail. The beauty of this trail has to be experienced in order to do it complete justice. This trail has it all, articulation fields, steep rock crawling hills, deep mud and endless views. Among the group it was decided that the Whipsaw was definitely one of the best trails ever driven on a ROXS expedition. 

As usual the planning process for eX'08 begun around the campfire, and being the 5 year anniversary of ROXS it will be equally as memorable! I cannot wait!!