Ron's passion for motorized outdoor adventures began at age 12 behind the wheel of an aging 1947 CJ. By 14 he had developed a fondness short of addiction for 4-wheel drifts on loose terrain. Wanderlust and fear of civilized behavior stoked an additional interest in expeditionary adventures including: point-to-point yacht racing from California to Mexico and Hawaii, kayaking in the Northwest Territories and Alaska, winter camping in the Sierra-Nevadas and pub-crawling in Washington, DC. ROXS provides an opportunity for a confluence of these avocations, in a community of kindred spirits.

  • Engine - RPI 4.6 liter with Piper cam, normally aspirated. Flowmaster custom exhaust
  • Transfer case - Great Basin Rovers built, with 1.44 ratio with MaxiDrive low range reduction gear
  • Rear diff - GBR built with ARB locker driven by PowerTank CO2, GBR heavy duty 24 spline axles
  • Winch - MileMarker 2 speed hydraulic (10,000 lb) with Alfred Murray Ltd. power steering pump
  • Suspension - 3 inch lift with Fox shocks; modified front suspension linkage; heavy duty trailing arms
  • Vehicle armor - Rovertym sliders; aftermarket front and rear bumpers; gas tank and steering-control guards; diff guards
  • Interior - Cargo-space enhancements