Frank Motely

Frank began his passion for Land Rovers and off-road driving in 1978 at the age of 14 when his father, trying to be frugal, decided that a good “1st vehicle” for his son would be the old ’67 Series II Land Rover that had been collecting dust in the barn.   Frank has been driving various types of Land Rovers since. As a tactical transportation officer in the US Marine Corps, Frank turned his passion for offroading into a career. He has had the opportunity to lead off-road convoys all over the world. He has significant driving experience in desert, mountain and jungle conditions. He worked for 3 years...

ED Downey

One of the original founding members of ROXS. Ed has always been interested in adventure and going places that require some effort and adversity. He has always sought jobs that include some degree of excitement and danger. The most dangerous task he has undertaken is to try and get Brian to open his wallet.

  • Expedition roof rack and ladder
  • Warn 9000 winch
  • Dixon Bate recovery points
  • Safety Devices skid plate
  • West Hill pinion guard
  • Safari Gard rear diff guard
  • Emmons gas tank guard
  • Warn rear recovery point
  • OME HD suspension
  • Garmin GPS system

Dan Katzenberger

Dan's interest in Land Rovers started in August of 2001 when he purchased a new Disco II SE7. It wasn't long before the "upgrades" started and now Dan spends as much time as possible on the trails. In its first year, Dan managed to put over 30k on his new truck.   An avid outdoorsman, Dan spends much of the year travelling, camping, hunting, fishing, canoeing and just about every other outdoor activity. His favourite place to camp is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Dan will be easy to spot on the trips as he will always have at least one camera in hand...even when he's driving.   ...

Richard Moody

Rich is a native Brit but grew up in Kuwait and Oman. He now lives in Jamestown with his wife Mary and daughter Kathryn. He grew up around rovers and other 4x4s and was modifying 109s at the age of 12 for use in the deserts of the middle east. Rich has raced sailboats for 15 years and has ran many expeditions around the world. H e currently owns Rover Special Vehicles which provides military contracts with 110s and also Rovers East, a Rover service and modification shop in Jamestown. Rich is also a Land Rover instructor for the military and runs an off-road orientation course for them within


Ron Sosnowski

Ron's passion for motorized outdoor adventures began at age 12 behind the wheel of an aging 1947 CJ. By 14 he had developed a fondness short of addiction for 4-wheel drifts on loose terrain. Wanderlust and fear of civilized behavior stoked an additional interest in expeditionary adventures including: point-to-point yacht racing from California to Mexico and Hawaii, kayaking in the Northwest Territories and Alaska, winter camping in the Sierra-Nevadas and pub-crawling in Washington, DC. ROXS provides an opportunity for a confluence of these avocations, in a community of kindred spirits.


Don Hale

Don has had a passion for off roading since junior high school. Hailing from San Diego County, Don was exposed to jeeps and dune buggies in the deserts of Southern California on weekends, which then turned into expeditions all over the western states and Mexico. Don has driven the Alcan Highway 4 times, The Dalton Highway to Prudoe Bay Alaska, drove over 200 miles of the Rub' al-Khali Desert in Saudi Arabia, and was on one of the first TV crews to arrive in Kuwait City after US troops took over the city from the Iraqis in the Gulf War.   Then less than two years ago a new family moved into...